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These are the words of Luís Gomes, Product Manager for fuel dispensers at Petrotec Group. In an exclusive interview we got to know some of the new features of the well-known Progress Range, the reason for a new model release and his role as a Product Manager.

 Progress Range

Can we say that, in 2018, Petrotec Group has launched a new Progress Range?

Luís Gomes: We can’t talk about a new range, but rather an update to the existing one. For that, data gathering was fully important. That helped us draw some conclusions that guided the whole process and enabled the implementation of some of the range functional aspects. 2018 has been the milestone for maturity, I believe that’s the best way to address this. Improvement leads to progress.


How did you realize Petrotec’ customers real needs?

Luís Gomes: We focused on having a deep understanding of end-users, what they really need, what they value, their abilities and also their limitations, for that we made dozens of interviews and field research, trough observation and analysis. To never loose sight of our business goals, we made sure we heard very carefully our major clients, distributors, company managers and technicians’ suggestions. Online surveys also helped us demystify some myths and concepts from general customers. As all user experience studies, we placed people at the center of the whole process and met them at the petrol station.


In the particular case of Progress Range, what kind of improvements are we talking about?

Luís Gomes: I think we can highlight three main new features in the Progress Range: a new hose retraction system, a new display and changes in filters and hydraulic pipes.

The new hose retraction system ensures less effort for the end-user during the filling process. Our biggest goal was to make sure the whole process was as ergonomic as possible.

The new display introduction aims to optimize the equipment performance in the field, in 3D Renderresponse to some of the needs called by the end user. The new display is now brighter, with clearer digits, making it easier for the end-user to read, regardless the light incidence.

On the other hand, in order to guarantee the best flow rates performances, we improved the filter entrance on the dispenser version, and for all range models we have increased the hydraulic pipeline diameter.


Why releasing a new model?

Luís Gomes: The presentation of the P3000 results precisely from the maturation of the wholeP3000 Small range. It comes as a response to some market needs.This model offers a very reduced footprint, optimizing the filling stations layout, making it the best choice for those who have a reduced space on their forecourt.


What are the main features of the P3000?

Luís Gomes: The P3000 has an ultra-compact design - with the same dimensions of a P2000 -, allowing one or two products and the configuration of up to four hoses. In this model, there is also the option of four filling points, which guarantees the simultaneous filling of four vehicles. 


How do you describe the Progress Range?

Luís Gomes: Progress dispensers have an elegant and compact design, adding a clean look and an extra appeal to the forecourt. Made with the finest materials and a superior construction quality, they represent the perfect choice for those who are looking for performance, robustness, reliability, cost effectiveness and a great user experience to their customers. All models can be further tailored to our clients needs by upgrading their fuel dispenser with multimedia, payment terminals, vapour recovering, monitoring and ATC. Most options can be installed at a later stage, according to their business requirements and growth.


What are the main challenges for the role of a Product Manager?

Luís Gomes: Perceiving market dynamics, its trends and your competitive positioning. If we can’t understand the framework in which we operate, we risk missing our customer’s true necessities. Product management is all about knowing your users, identifying their needs (often un-communicated), analyzing the market and developing a solution that fulfills those needs. We can say product management is the bridge between marketing (identifies the needs) and engineering (satisfies the needs).  Since Petrotec operates in a market that’s currently suggesting a paradigm change, especially with renewable energies, innovation is no longer an option, but a necessity.