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LPG Solutions by Petrotec

Since 1995, when the first LPG pump was installed in Portugal, Petrotec has helped to make this automotive fuel widespread. Currently it is estimated that there are 45 thousand LPG cars on Portuguese roads alone.

What is LPG?

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a by-product derived from refining petroleum or from the crude extraction process and is a mixture of propane and butane. Butane and propane gases are then separated from the crude oil.

It is a versatile fuel and can be transported easily thanks to its liquid state. This petroleum derivative has a high calorific power (around 12,000 kcal) and is one of the combustion products that has the least impact on the environment.

In cars it is stored in its liquid state at a pressure of 7 bars (the same as at the pumps where it is supplied) in a specially-designed tank that can support up to 30 bars of pressure.


LPG Benefits

- More economical.

- Less polluting, with a reduction of nearly 85% in harmful gas emissions compared to petrol.

- Performance is the same as that of a petrol car in similar brands.

- In the event of an accident, LPG vehicles are safer than diesel or petrol cars.

- It reduces engine wear, ensuring longer service life.


Petrotec - Pioneer in LPG

Exactly 22 years ago Petrotec was part of one of the most significant technological milestones in the retail fuel industry in Portugal. On 11 September, 1995 Petrotec, in partnership with Cuco Autogás, installed the first pump to supply LPG to the public in service stations. The service station, in Esmoriz, in Ovar, welcomed Petrotec’s Universal LPG in an event broadcast on prime time Portuguese television - RTP.Imaegem De Fundo Do Painel


LPG Solutions by Petrotec

The LPG dispensers were conceived to guarantee greater efficiency and safety during filling, sharing the same electronic components as Petrotec’s multi-product range of fuel pumps that it began developing, manufacturing and marketing more than 34 years ago.

All Petrotec equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable European standards and are subject to the certificates issued by independent, external and recognised regulatory bodies, in both metrological and safety operations.

With regard to European standards and requirements for LPG equipment, Petrotec guarantees compliance with European standard EN 14678-1 for single and dual-fuel dispensers. This means what the standard covers in terms of the breakaway safety coupler.


Pursuant to the EN-14678 standard, in single and dual-fuel equipment (without a hose retraction mechanism) the breakaway valve is fixed onto the ground, whilst for multiproduct dispensers it is fixed into the structure of the equipment itself, as provided for in paragraph of EN-14678.

In multiproduct equipment Petrotec guarantees compliance with the EN 13617 standard which certifies the design, manufacture and quality control of equipment.

In addition to the general European standards Petrotec guarantees complete compliance with the legal framework in each local market where it markets its products.


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